Lenguaje de Artista

Practicing self-sustainability and teaching it along the way
A non profit organisation

Lenguaje de Artista

Lenguaje de Artista means “Lenguage of the Artist” in Spanish, is a transformative creative platform, a work in progress, a community of volunteers, a mysterious plant that is already putting down roots and extending unexpected branches.

Registered as a cultural association in Spain, Lenguaje de Artista supports creative exploration and expression in an inspiring natural setting that helps people overcome their fears, find their balance, and give creative expression to their feelings, in harmony with nature.

Economic and personal self-sustainabilty is our practice and our goal. We blend traditional farming practices with modern permaculture theory, renewable energy, and alternative forms of shelter, VAN Life travels, in addition to the production of food and of handicrafted goods using natural and reused materials.

We welcome all forms of cooperation and contributions from everyone who shares our goal of  living better lives in a better world.

A Community on Wheels

A Self-Sustainable Experience

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